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Successful Programmes

Empowerment of Women through Capacity Building for Effective Decision Making In Local Self-Governance

  A still from an activity carried out under PACS Programme  

This project sought to organise, promote and strengthen dalit and marginalised women for increased participation in local self governance. It entailed to empower women organisations for effective implementation of service delivery system and poverty alleviation schemes at local level. It involved strengthening gram panchayat and gram sabhas through capacity building for effective local self-governance. It also involved linking women organisations with inncome generation activities and food security activities. The project entailed equipping 170 illiterate women in reading and writing skills.

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Development of a Waste Management Model for Lucknow City

  A worker carries bio-degradable (green bin) and non-degradable waste (red bin) on his rickshaw trolley  

With an overall population of 32 lakh and an area of about 300 sq km generates around 1600 tones of solid waste every day.  Waste disposal is an essential civic service that must be carried out as economically as possible with out disfiguring the landscape, contaminating the water resources, or becoming a potential ozone-depleting agent.  ISSD planned to develop a model for waste management in the city of Lucknow with the help of scavengers who would in turn also supplement their income and improve their living conditions.

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