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IISD networks with a number of organisations at various levels:

1. Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Action Network (UPVAN)
IISD is member of this network since long, which provides platform to voluntary organisations to share their views and problems

2. ATSEC-India
IISD is member of this network working for child sex trafficking
3. FORCES-India
IISD is State Coordination Committee Member of this network in UP. The network is working for welfare of children with in the age group of 0-6. FORCES (Forum for Crèche and Child Services) - India is a national organisation

4. Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA)
IISD is an Associate member of this network working on health

5. White Ribbon Alliance
IISD is a member of this international group

This is a state level network working on adolescent sexuality education, HIV/AIDS, early marriage, early pregnancy and girl education issues. It has been initiated by Mamta, New Delhi